Yes today recipe is classic Pakistani chicken biryani…Need I say more? No, but I will  Last week I was making my menu and ‘S’ suggested trying, “ Pakistani version of biryani”. I thought that was a fantastic idea as I have been meaning to try it for quite some time. I remember one of my friend Saima shared with me some Pakistani and Afghan recipes long back, which she tried and tested and i noted that in my collections of recipes book, so I started skimming through the book and came across this recipe.
I knew that it was the version I wanted to make and it was a major win. These chicken biryani and full of fresh flavor! I love it because of all the wonderful fresh interesting ingredients it uses and all the exciting flavors you can find in it. Actually original recipe calls for mutton /lamb and it’s is not marinated, but here I tried with chicken and marinated the chicken according to my family’s taste-buds. So variations are open. I have this weakness, whenever I see a different biryani recipe, I try it. This is the seventh kind of biryani, I’m posting here… So if you are person like me and love different kind of briyani. I highly recommend you try this soon, if you haven’t done so far. You can also check other biryani . I have posted earlier.Here is my version slightly adapted from my friend Saima’s recipe for all biryani lovers! Do try and let me know your feedback. Hope you will fall in love with it, like we did !